May 10, 2005

Crazy Conservatives

It would really be too good if you could call Conservatism a Pathology, but Chatterbox is giving it a good try. Personally, I just think they don't know any better.

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Anonymous said...

I Don't know about not "Knowing any better" but it is my sincere belief that the whole bloody conservative craze is driven by dumb white guys who honestly think if they dont have to pay three thousand, ten thousand, whatever in taxes their financial troubles will wash away and foriegn built luxury automobiles will no longer be just a dream. Every one of these dumb white guys truely believes that their is some gigantic subclass of people living the easy life off the social welfare programs their huge sums of tax dollars fund. Why should some welfare mama live on easy street while they fight to buy the cheapest lexus on the lot. I would argue that a person would likely be pressed to find many welfare recepients that are truely living on easy street. I dont know much about pathologies but I have seen plenty of examples of stupidity in my life and by god these guys are stupid. Who cares if a billionaire pays a rediculaously small amount of money to the government they say, its just the cost a dumb white guy has to accept in exchage for a tax return check large enought to buy junior a squirt gun. Dumb white guys are almost enough to make a person weep for the future, aw hell they are enough to make a guy weep. Excuse me while I track down some Kleenex.