May 12, 2005


I love quoting and linking. It keeps me from spending my own brain cells on providing content.

Michael Medved, who is a twit as both a political comentator and a movie critic has some trouble with his facts:

He's like, I dare you to name one politician who supports phasing out Social Security. My reaction was, I don't want to get into naming names. But he kept harping on me so I had to dig into my files.

So I read him this quote from Congressman Chris Chocola: "Bush's plan of individual investment of 2 percent of the money is a start. Eventually, I'd like to see the entire system privatized."

At that point, Medved just lost it and started saying that Chocola was not a real Congressman.

Repeat: When confronted with the facts once again he accused me of lying and said he doubted that there was really a member of Congress named Chris Chocola.

ABC News Not Interested in Covering the Iraq War:

You can just imagine the pathetic newsroom attitude: we don't cover cats getting stuck in trees, we don't birthday parties at the local McDonalds, and we don't cover America's multi-billion dollar war in the Mideast.

And finally just go read this whole James Wolcott rant. Fine Stuff.

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