May 24, 2005

First What?

Via NewDonkey I find a new wacky quote from Rick Santorum (R-Penn):

According to Michael Sokolove's profile, Santorum in 2002, alluding to Toni Morrison's famous description of Bill Clinton as "the first African-American president," called George W. Bush "the first Catholic president." Sokolove asked Santorum the obvious question: what about America's actual Catholic president, John F. Kennedy? And Santorum basically said Kennedy wasn't much of a Catholic at all, because, like many Catholic Democrats today, he "sort of adopted that same line, that they are going to hold that part of themselves off to the side, which has led to people who want to completely separate moral views from public life, which is a dangerous thing.''

Bush, on the other hand, is a better Catholic than JFK, suggests Santorum, because his views are consistent with "Catholic social teaching."

If all it takes for Bush to "be a good Catholic" is to bash gays and oppose abortion then being a Catholic doesn't mean anything. If religion embraces politics too closely, it becomes worthless political retoric and not much use as religion. That Santorum, I'm going to miss him.

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Abraham Hyatt said...

Did you see that Mr. Santorum is the cover story on Sunday's NYT Magazine? I haven't been able to bring myself to actually read the piece yet. I'm having a hard time suppressing my gag reflex.