March 18, 2006

Collateral Damage

Interesting idea about the upcoming Scooter Libby trial and how it might expose the WMD backstory:

Lawyers for Vice President Dick Cheney's former top aide are signaling they may delve deeply at his criminal trial into infighting among the White House, the CIA and the State Department over pre-Iraq war intelligence failures.
Court papers filed late Friday raise the possibility a trial could become politically embarrassing for the Bush administration by focusing on the debate about whether the White House manipulated intelligence to justify the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003.

The defense team stated that in June and July 2003, Plame's CIA status was at most a peripheral issue to "the finger-pointing that went on within the executive branch about who was to blame" for the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

We can only hope. I would just love for the whole WMD issue to be fought out in a court of law. The reason - perjury. Unlike, say Meet the Press where you can lie without consequence, in a court of law you lie, you go to jail. In fact, I can make a pretty good case that the whole reason that Scooter is in trouble is that he used the same tactics with FBI agents that he used with reporters, i.e. he lied.

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Larry said...

Unlike say, Congress, where friendly Repubs will allow people to testify without being under oath. (Still technically a crime to lie, but not one that any good right-winger pays attention to.)