March 5, 2006

Guns Under the Table

Let's say you're a Conservative GOP Congressman. You've backed the President on every single issue of the day, foreign or domestic. You've followed him willingly through a drug-benefit program that has proven neither popular or cheap and frankly the unpopularity of the President is scaring the crap out of you. Now, given the rules of modern politics, you can't go back and change position on old issues. That would be "flip flopping." What you need is a new issue where you can break with the President.

I present to you Duncan Hunter (R-CA) notable for being a San Diego conservative not going to Federal Prison, as well as Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee (I.E. a player). He was on This Week today and really let the administration have it on the Dubai ports deal. He vowed to kill the deal, which is a pretty serious marker to throw down. This isn't "I have some concerns" or "We should be taking a closer look at this" is this "I am going to kill this deal" Now President Bush has already put down his own marker to veto any attempt to block the port deal. Hunter seems to be set on a very serious attempt to block the deal. Which means Bush is going have a massive showdown with the GOP controlled Congress. Popcorn anyone?

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