March 31, 2006

Look at THIS

For those of you who simpley will not pay attention to the Jack Abramoff/Tom Delay/GOP scandels, no matter what (Abramoff in a Black Hat!, Gangland style murder!)I offer the final hook: Romance! Betrayal! States Evidence! Via Muckraker, the story of how a jilted lover, left at the alter, brought down a criminal empire:

The engagement of Emily Miller and Michael Scanlon was supposed to mark the coming out of a new Washington power couple.

The two had met on Capitol Hill, where they worked as press secretaries to Rep. Tom DeLay, the feared Texas Republican. They got engaged in September 2001 on the beach in Santa Monica, Calif., and planned an August 2002 wedding. As the date approached, Mr. Scanlon bought a $4.7 million oceanside mansion and guest house, formerly part of the DuPont estate, in Rehoboth Beach, Del. He furnished it down to the monogrammed towels and presented it to his bride-to-be.

Then, with the wedding a few months away, he called off the engagement and started dating a 24-year-old waitress.

Betrayal! Heartbreak! The monogrammed towels no longer make sense! Ms. Miller turned to the only person who could give her comfort in this dark period of her life: the Federal Prosecutor.

Prosecutors came to Ms. Miller to help them build a case that drove her ex-fiancé to plead guilty, according to a person familiar with the situation. Mr. Scanlon's testimony in turn helped force Mr. Abramoff into a guilty plea. Another former DeLay aide, Tony Rudy, has been cited by prosecutors in the investigation. Now Washington is wondering whether prosecutors will use testimony from Messrs. Scanlon and Rudy to go after Mr. DeLay, who has resigned as majority leader.

Break her heart, not only is she sending you to prison, but all your friends as well. So there it is. This whole corruption affair brought to life because of a busted engagement. They are not kidding about the woman scorned thing.

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