April 2, 2006

More West Wing!

There are so few West Wing episodes left before the end, I'm feeling compelled to blog at each of them. One of the many fun things about West Wing is that it exists in a parallel universe which is exactly two years out of alignment, which means you can watch the show for all the excitement of an election when, in reality, we are two years away. It’s like methadone for political junkies.

Of course, who can talk about elections with all the sex. Donna and Josh, finally. Plus a bunch of other people just for fun. I would just like to note the magic Hollywood bed sheets, which are waist high on the guy, but arm-pit high on the girl.

Now, the death of Leo was of course, coming, and not without precedent. Dick Cheney had a heart attack, his fourth, in the middle of the Florida recount. At the time, it was spun as a "very slight heart attack." This is kind of like being slightly hit in the head with a bat or being somewhat pregnant.

Tonight's great what if of history is:

Would history have turned out different if Dick Cheney died of a heart attack in November of 2000? How would history be different?


PS All the West Wing you could ever want, can be found here.

PPS Slate has an excellent round-up of long awaited TV hook-ups.

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Erin said...

I highly doubt that it would have changed anything, apart from possibly a company other than Haliburton getting the post-Iraq contract. People voted for Dub, not Dick "Dick" Cheney. Dub probably would have gotten another hard-line neo-con to stand in as Veep.