April 26, 2006

Fun In the Snow

It was rumor and now its fact: Bush has tapped Tony Snow, Fox News "personality" to be his Press secretary. Now the fact that someone can move directly from the studios of Foxnews to become the primary spokesman for the President pretty much writes the jokes themselves. (John Dickerson: He should get back pay! Neil Gabler: Same work, different job title!)

This is going to create a whole new dynamic. The White House press corp is a ravenous best regardless of Administration. Now faced with a Press secretary with a celebrity of his own, the confrontation will be epic. The morning press briefing was already getting pretty famous. Poor Scotty would just get eaten daily. The poor guy just couldn't lie effectively. But Tony Snow is an A grade liar, um effective spokesperson and advocate. He is very, very smooth on TV. The press corp will just be aching to take him down a notch. There are a ton of issues in play. Get the popcorn.

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