April 4, 2006

Case Closed

I have often made the case that whatever our failing on election day, liberals will always remain cooler than conservatives. I believe that I have located difinitive proof. I present to you The Right Brothers singing their hit song Bush was Right.

Case Closed.


Erin said...

Wait a minute, they have a band? I thought having a band made you cool. Now I am confused. Are you telling me that because there is a right-wing band that has a perky, dancable beat and easy to remember lyrics that carry obviously pro-Bush sentiments, the neo-cons aren't cool? But The Bruce made the working man cool! Bands make causes cool! We need a band, man! Right now! The cons are taking the fight to america's MTV youth! We need to mobilze. Screw Moby, someone call U2, we need an anti-war, pro-libral no. 1 right now!!

The Craig said...

No, No, No. This music is bad. Real Bad. You do not get cool points just for having a band. We have higher standards than that. Plus, I played the song again and I'm pretty sure they are ripping off the Billy Joel song "We didn't start the fire"

Loss of cool for plagerism and we have to deduct triple-points based on stealing from Billy Joel.

It does raise the question - are there any good modern Protest/lefty-politics songs?

jess said...

Erin, check out "Love And Peace Or Else" off of U2's latest (How to dismantle an atomic bomb). In my humble opinion, it's among the sexiest songs about peace ever made. I would point you to the audio on u2's site, but if you're not a member, you only get the first 30 seconds ... and the sexy doesn't really kick in until a little later. Seeing it live with larry drumming in all of his sexiness is also very helpful.