April 11, 2006

Around the World

Italy, official Country of origin of Craigorian Chant, just finished a nail-biter of an election. Looks like Center-Right Billionare Freak-show Berlusconi seems to have lost, barely, to boring Center-Left economist Prodi:

Final returns showed Prodi winning the lower Chamber of Deputies by one-tenth of a percentage point — 49.8 percent to 49.7 percent. Under Italian electoral law, 55 percent of seats are awarded to the overall winner regardless of the scale of victory, giving Prodi's forces at least 340 seats in the 630-member lower house.

All eyes were on the Senate, however, which Prodi also needed to win to form a government.

According to official returns, Berlusconi's conservative allies held a one-seat advantage in the Senate, with 155 seats to Prodi's 154. Six seats chosen by Italians living abroad were being counted Tuesday and would decide the election.

Look at that margine again. That's a difference of 0.1% and turnout was 84% in Italy. Berlusconi vowed to give up sex for the length of the campaign. My guess is he should have given up something else. Like the crazy:

The colorful leader made headlines throughout the election with his remarks, comparing himself to Jesus and Napoleon and branding those who would not vote for him "morons."

In Nepal, the revolution continues:

KATHMANDU (AFP) - Nepalese police battled protesters shouting "Down with King Gyanendra!" as officials clamped a curfew on the capital for a fourth day to foil demonstrations which have left three dead.

Demonstrators fought security forces with stones, pickaxe handles and bamboo poles while police fired tear gas rounds and rubber bullets and pushed back at least 2,000 protesters with batons, injuring dozens.

Down with King Gyanendra, indeed.

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