April 10, 2006


So over the weekend Sy Hersh and others put out stories about how the US is planning for an attack on Iran. I'm with Drum, the big deal isn't that we are planning to attack Iran. The Pentagon is full of war planners. Whole rooms of people just thinking up new and interesting ways to attack countries. I'm sure we have dusty plans to attack Canada and less dusty plans to invade Mexico. I think the North Korean and China plans get updated more often. Iran is a major trouble spot, we should have plans. I'm a fan of planning myself, of course I'm more about building it up, rather than blowing it up.

The big deal is that it seems that the same PR campaign that brought you the Iraq War is gearing up again. There are a lot of people who would love to sell the country on an attack on Iran. Or sell this President. A plan is fine. Using those plans would be a massive catastrophe that I will run out of words trying to describe.

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larru said...

No one needs to sell this president. If his god whispers in his ear, it's as good as done. (I am not making this up.)