April 16, 2006

Instant West Wing Feedback

It's like those DVD commentary tracks, only written. And much shorter. And not done by someone who had anything to do with the creation of the West Wing.

They did right by Leo tonight.

I've made my peace with the show ending, I think that they are doing it at the right time, but when Santos offered Amy Gardner a job in the new administration, I had a moment of real sadness that I wouldn't be able to watch a new season in that White House.

Two political lessons from tonight. First, the need to screw your friends. Screwing people who are your enemies, who screwed you in the past, that's easy. When the time comes and you have to go against your friends, when it's so important that you must go against your friends, that's the true test.

Second, no Yes Men. At one point tonight Josh tells Santos that he can't be Santos' Yes Man. To which the official sister of Craigorian Chant replied, "That is what Bush needs. Bush don't have anybody to say "That's a stupid idea, sir."

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