April 20, 2006

Now We are Getting Somewhere

Movement in Nepal as the King has agreed to give up absolute power:

Under pressure to act quickly, King Gyanendra of Nepal told his nation Friday that he would return executive power "to the people from this day forward."

His renunciation of absolute power came in answer to the tens of thousands of protesters who took to the streets around the capital, Kathmandu, to demand he restore democracy.

Gyanendra called upon the striking seven-party alliance to suggest the name of a prime minister candidate.

It was not immediately clear whether his announcement would satisfy his political opponents.

Earlier, the U.S. ambassador to Nepal on Friday warned that King Gyanendra "will lose his kingdom," if he doesn't quickly end political crisis.

"His time is running out," Ambassador James Moriarty said in an interview with reporters. "Ultimately the king will have to leave if he doesn't compromise. And by 'ultimately' I mean sooner rather than later."

Now the details have not yet come out and the Country has a list of problems longer than my arm, but it good to see something happening.

UPDATE: This blog from Nepal seems very unimpressed with the Kings speech.