April 12, 2006


Normally, I'm a fan of some rain. I like a good walk in the rain. Washes the world, makes it clean and new. It's romantic even. But enough is enough. If I wanted this kind of weather, I would go live in Seattle. Even the meteorologists are down:

"Rain," sighed Diana Henderson, a National Weather Service meteorologist, when asked for the latest forecast. "We're looking at rain or a chance of rain through next Tuesday."

Did you catch that sigh? One more week of this. I've grown so pale I'm practically transparent. The levees are creaking and both the official Day Job of Craigorian Chant and the Craigorian Chant World Headquarters are not in as secure of locations as I would like. I'm not yet gathering up two of every animal, but I really do think we've gotten enough rain.


Laura said...

I could not agree more. Here in good old Amador county we have flooded not once this rainy season, but twice and we're eyeing the creek levels again and reading the list of road closures in the local paper.

While I'm personally not a big fan of the sun, since I have two skin tones deathly white and lobster red, I'd like to not be tracking water into my house anymore, or having to wipe down my dogs paws every time she has to go outside. Enough is enough.

Tyler said...

Alright you two. Cut it out!

You live in California, home of one of the best climate zones in the world!

We have thunderstroms year round. Power outages are a monthly occurance, we just had a tornado rip through the east metro area and kill 11 people! Do you know how many days of the year weather warning graphics (for tornadoes, thunderstorms, snow, etc.) are superimposed over the local network's broadcasts? A lot of freaking days!!

And lets not foget about the super high humidity in the summer and the bone chilling cold during the winter both of which Caly rarely if ever gets (unless you go to the mountains, but the sierras are primarily a recreation area where you go for short stays).

Temperature changes are crazy here too. I can't tell you how many times I've had my AC on in the morning and then turned my heat on in the afternoon, then back to the AC in evening. Or vise vera, etc....

I lived in Caly for 23 years. I know the weather its the best in the world.

A little rain? Shit. Come out to St. Louis I'll show you some REAL weather. Then you'll have something to complain about.

erin said...

It hasn't been raining too much here in San Luis Obispo, but when I tell my parents about it, they tell me not to complain... they just had 40 straight days of rains. My dad said he was thinking about building an ark!http://www.usatoday.com/weather/climate/2006-04-02-hawaii_x.htm

Darcee said...

I managed to come home for Christmas without chaining up, and now it looks like we will need our chains to make the trek for Easter. Freakin' Easter. December clear, April snow. Something just isn't right with that picture.