April 20, 2006

Public Service

An official Craigorian Chant seal of approval for Matthew Yglesias, who has done a tremendous service and put together the best written, most to-the-point argument against going to war with Iran I have yet to see. Go read it. Print it out and keep it on hand. In the dark days to come, it will be used often.


Laura said...

Okay, so logistically speaking is this even a possibility? We're already stretched to the limit fighting the insurgents in Iraq and keeping an eye on things in Afghanistan. We have soldiers who aren't be allowed to go home on time, simply because there are no bodies to take their places. How on earth are we going to mount an offensive against Iran without reinstituting the draft, something that is supposedly not even a possibility.

Not even this president can be so phenomenally stupid as to go to war on a third front when we're already running out of soldiers for the other two. I mean, he can't be that stupid....can he?

Erin said...

Don't ever ask if Dub can be that stupid. Of course he can!

We are woefully lacking in troops in Afghanistan already, there are a number of sectarian (re: civil) clashes (re: war) in Iraq (but a rose by any other name...), and yet Dub et al think that they can actually threaten Iran with invasion and bombing. And worse, probably believe we can carry out these threats too.

What, Iran won't notice the above issues we are already facing and the impossibility (logistically speaking) of aformentioned invasion and bombing? If I were in charge in Iran, I'd be laughing at the US too.

"Invade us with what? Re-runs of 'Friends'? Don't make me laugh, bwah hah hah!" laughed Pshaw Erin.