April 17, 2006

Tax Day

To the surprise of absolutely no one, I have taken my full allotted time to pay my taxes. The deadline is midnight tonight, I figure I should have everything done by by about 11:47 or so. Seriously, I'm all done, I mailed mine off just now. Because I'm a political nerd, I turned on CSPAN. A bunch of anti-tax groups were doing their yearly whine about taxes. It's kind of soothing to have that on in the background when you are working on a tax worksheet that gives you back the same number you started with after seven steps. Today is the day to complain about taxes. Tuesday we will go back to using all the things that taxes pay for. The roads, the cops, the schools, the stuff I do for my day job, whatever it is that Tyler does for his day job and so on. So, today complain about the costs and tomorrow resume reaping the benefits.

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