March 7, 2006

The Links of Fun

Michael Tomasky of TAP put together a political knowledge quiz that just kicked my ass and I'm a big political nerd. I went 10 for 25. Give it a try.

For Tyler: The Simpsons as live action.

Watch the people of the world shake their ass to latest Sakira song. Funny/Sexy/Ridiculous all in just 3:30.

Natalie Portman goes off.

You're paying extra for that high-speed connection. Time to get some use out of it. Download some video.

1 comment:

Erin said...

That's okay about the quiz, Craig. I just scored 3 and there were only about three others that I could say "oh YEAH!" to when I saw the answers. Guess I shouldn't be president. 'S a crap job anyway. I'll stick to digging up dead people. Way more my thing.