March 5, 2006

Three 6 Mafia 1, Martin Scorsese 0

That seemed like a very fair Oscar ceremony. Now something like six different movies can cut commercials saying "And now the winner of two Oscars, including ____" instead of one Movie getting 12 Oscars. The Gay shepherds lost to Crash. Someone will attempt to spin how that means that gays aren't accepted in American or that middle America isn't ready for two guys getting it on in a tent. I will not be that someone. Keep in mind that Crash was a really preachy movie about race relations, so maybe that's the driving issue of our day. Or maybe it was just the better movie or maybe its attack ads were more effective.

But regardless of the issues that divide us, we can come together to celebrate It's Hard Out here for a Pimp winning for best song.

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