March 2, 2006


So took in The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada a little Indie film directed by and starring Tommy Lee Jones. The action revolves around the killing of the aforementioned Melquiades by a border patrol agent and Jones' quest to return the body to his home in Mexico and get a little justice. Let's just say we spend a lot of quality time with a dead body. Now the movie does have its highlights, Tommy Lee Jones with a gun and some one-liners is always good cinema and the overall story is compelling, as well as an epic downer. Lowlights include the worse sex scene I have ever seen on film. Seriously bad sex. Terrible. Also, it may be that I'm just the product of an ADD, MTV culture, but this movie was edited way too slowly. Every scene seemed to drag on too long or just just had 35 seconds of action/dialog but 55 seconds of film time. It runs an even two hours long but felt much longer. Overall, I would say its a worthy movie, if not a good one.


Best Tommy Lee Jones-with-a-gun-one-liners

Number 1:

"I didn't kill my wife"

"I don't care"

The Fugitive

Number 2:

"You're breaking my heart cockroach, show me your face I'll cure all your ills."

Men in Black

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