March 25, 2006

Man on the Street

So today I found myself walking across downtown Sac. I’m going to leave out why, on account of it would make me look foolish.
But as I was walking, I came across a rather large protest march working its way through downtown to the state Capitol. I’m always up for fighting for a good cause and besides, it was heading my way, so I joined up.
I soon found myself surrounded by a huge crowd of high-school-aged Latino kids. I joined in a chant of what I assumed was, “No justice, no peace,” in Spanish.
So it turns out that the march was to protest new immigration legislation now working its way through Congress. The most controversial of the measures being considered would make it a crime to “aid illegal immigrants,” which could make charitable aid to illegals, well ... illegal.
The Sac protest is just one of many. Immigration is going to get really hot real soon. As one of my Drinking Liberally companions said, immigration is great because it scrambles all the normal lines of politics. Both parties have strong pro- and anti-immigration elements. There’s nothing predictable about this debate.

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