October 17, 2006


The United States now has 300 million people.


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Tyler said...

I watched a little bit of the Andersen Cooper special on America reaching the 300 milion people milestone last night. What stuck me was the sub-title of that special: Melting Pot or Meltdown? Obviously referring to the greater ethnic diversity in America today.

But I'm confused. I thought diversity was a strength and you should never question it. "Melting Pot or Meltdown?" Why would the media think it could possibly a meltdown? They're the ones who told me diversity is good.

Also, I saw a news clip with all these people clapping as the population ticker turned 300 mil. earlier this morning. Why is have 300 million people a good thing when our highways are congested, our cities over crowded, and American workers pushed out of jobs by illegal immigrants?

The media is confusing me.