October 31, 2006

More! More!

There is lot of stuff out. Trying to keep up.

A special shout out for Nevada Question Number 7. It would legalize up to one ounce of pot for any purpose. Nevada: Yes, you can do that!

Time to get local.

The Chant is recommending Yes on Measure L which will approve SMUD expansion into Yolo County. SMUD is a publicly owned power company for the Sacramento region. Being publicly owned, it doesn't screw it customers like for-profit utility companies. Power to the people!

I am completely torn on the measure to raise the sales tax in order to pay for a downtown area for the Kings. On one hand, it looks like a great project. To turn the rail yards from eyesore into a super-duper entertainment center would be great. However, giving massive public financing to a new arena is just a sucker move, considering the Kings are owned by the Billionaire Maloof family. Just in case you weren't sure, here's a Carl's Junior commercial touting both their Billion dollar net worth and a $6,000(!) combo meal offered at the Palms Casino, which they own. Yeah, these guys need our help. The Chant says no.


jess said...

I originally voted against the funding for the new SD stadium. But it's turned out quite well in hind site. There's been a TON (now too much with the housing downturn) of development in the eastern parts of downtown. It's really a much nicer area now.

Craig, any opinion on proposition A in SD? It would "advise" the airport authority to TRY to get access to miramar for an airport. I have friends that I'm generally very close to politically that are firmly on each side.

The Craig said...

I have no opinion of Prop A. I only have so much RAM and I can't spend it on use of Top Gun as an Airport. I still have to decide if electing school board member for Sacramento Unified is by districts instead of at-large is a good idea or not.