October 10, 2006

Conspiracy of the Fool

Craig's First law of conspiracy: don't attribute to malice what what can be attributed to stupidity.

Well the New Republicahas uncovered the true conspiracy at the heart of the Foley matter. The massive coverup of the fact that the Speaker of the House is a complete lackwit:

I refer here, of course, to the fact that Dennis Hastert is a bumbling half-wit--something that became apparent to the world last week but had been common knowledge in Washington for almost a decade. It was roughly eight years ago, after all, that Tom DeLay installed Hastert as his front-man, knowing full well that Hastert was no more capable of being speaker than the average sheepdog, to which he bears a remarkable resemblance. (Just after Hastert accepted the speaker's gig, a reporter asked him how he felt. Hastert's one-word response: "Scared.") But, rather than call DeLay on this lapse in judgment, House Republicans joined forces with the press to perpetrate an elaborate cover-up.

Reading back over the last several years of Hastert coverage, one is astonished by the lengths to which reporters go to avoid outing him as a guileless nincompoop.

Ah ha! Trueth Revealed!


Anonymous said...

I’d would just like to share a heartwarming article about my main man Jerry McNerney, Democratic candidate for CA’s 11th District. It would be really nice to see this guy bring down Richard Pombo. Read this and you’ll find it hard not to like Jerry:


Anonymous said...

I agree. I've got McNerney fever! I mean Pombo vs. McNerney. Good vs. Evil. Bully vs. Nerd. McNerney is the common man that stood up for a little place I like to call...AMERICA!!! Someone should make a movie about this damn campaign, it's shaping up to be a classic!

Anonymous said...

Yo, McNerney is my dawg! Craig, please send a "shout out" to a true playa in J-Mc (Jerry McNerney). Even the redneck farmers in Lodi and Manteca are coming around to J-Mc. Can J-Mc get a table dance? Throw him some props Craig-dawg. TY

Anonymous said...

Pombo and Doolittle must go


Tyler said...

Who in the hell are you?

Anonymous said...

i'm just a fan of J-MC dawg. i don't know about the other people that made a post. 2-Pac lives

Anonymous said...

Tyler, bro, no need to hate. Just take a look at this website and tell me it doesn't move you bro. He is looking out for guys like us