October 6, 2006


Ok, I'm shifting my metaphor. Speaker Hastert is now an anchor to which the feet of the Republican majority is tied.

Glug, Glug, Glug.


larry said...

I never ceased to be amazed. Daniel Henninger at the WSJ - who is now clinging to the faint hope that all this Foley stuff is a prank - decries the fact that the media have ignored all the other news in the world for the past week.

Notwithstanding that it is basically all bad news that stems from the horrible failure of the Bush administration, and that it has been reported, but perhaps not on the pages/blogs he reads, he seems to have forgotten how the Repubs didn't mind when the press focused on Monica and the impeachment for months - even years - while Bill C was trying to alert us that Osama bL was really a threat.

This sideshow of watching the Repubs finally reap the harvest of the seeds they have sown over the years is long overdue. Let's hope that our ADD'd society can remember this for a whole month.


larry said...

George Will:

"If after the Foley episode -- a maraschino cherry atop the Democrats' delectable sundae of Republican miseries -- the Democrats cannot gain 13 seats, they should go into another line of work."