October 11, 2006

Fine, Fine

I don't want to encourage this kind of behavior, but the anonymous maniac(dude, at least make up a screen name) who keep posting comments on Jerry McNerney-Richard Pombo race does have a point.

McNerney is a good guy and Richard Pombo is a blight on this earth. If Pombo was any more anti-environment he would bite the heads off of bald eagle chicks.

There is no reason for California, of all places to send a man to Congress whose one mission in life is to destroy the Endangered Species act.

McNernery is closing in the polls and has a real shot. Well played anonymous maniac, well played.

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Chuck Woolery said...

Ok, ok, so I'm a maniac. Just having a little fun in the name of America. I do want to drum up some interest on this fine blog for my boy “J-Mc” Jerry McNerney. California’s 11th is a great race for anyone interested in politics. BTW Craig, this is your old classmate from Cal Poly, hope all is well. Sorry for the crazy comments but I drank too much beer last night.