October 24, 2006

Under Pressure

The strain is starting to show. Richard Pombo is now refusing to talk to the media completely.


larry said...

Pete McCloskey, a former Representative, ran in the Repub primary against Pombo. The Repubs got a chance to oust Pombo and select a decent, thinking person to represent them in Congress. McCloskey got creamed, 62% to 32%. The red voters in the district made their preferences clear. The question is whether there are enough blue voters to win (always assuming, of course, that the votes are counted accurately).


Chuck Woolery said...

As far as McCloskey getting creamed, we need to keep in mind that the primary had a very low voter turnout – it will be different for McNerney. At the very least, McNerney will get solid support from the Bay Area portions of the district (Morgan Hill and the Tri-Valley cities).