October 14, 2006


OK, so no A's in the World Series. Walk off homer, Four game sweep. Guess it just Detroit's year. Well now that the A's are gone and the Niner's suck, I'm a little hard pressed for any kind of sports team worth following.


ryan said...

California Golden Bears. Root for your favorite bad ass northern california college football team. They have a shot at the pac 10 title this year. And I know Chris doesn't care, but I do. Stanford is 0-6 so far this year, and in real danger of having a winless season.

Tyler said...

Stanford's football team is a joke. They lost to UC Davis last year. Davis was a division II team that had just moved up to 1AA!! So, they lost to a team that was in their first year of, not 1A, but 1AA! That is pathetic. But, in all fairness, it's too difficult to recruit there.

Stanford should be banned from bowl games for the next 5 years, regardless of their record, for losing to such a team

They're worse then Temple.