October 25, 2006

Don't Change the Subject!

So the New Jersey Supreme Court is about to issue a ruling on Gay Marrage today:

The New Jersey Supreme Court is poised to release its highly anticipated decision Wednesday in a case brought by seven gay couples who say the state constitution allows them to marry, said Winnie Comfort, a spokeswoman for the state judiciary.

New Jersey is one of only five states with neither a law nor a state constitutional amendment blocking same-sex marriage. As a result, the state is more likely than others to allow gays to wed, said advocacy groups on both sides.

Only Massachusetts — by virtue of a 2003 ruling from that state's top court — allows gay marriages.

Now, the court could rule agaist gay marrage. But its likely to rule in its favor. Which I wouldn't mind at all, except two weeks before the election. It would change the subject. And right now we don't want to change the subject. Gay marrage would sudenly become a big issue again.

Right now when we talk about serious issues, we are talking about Iraq. When we are talking about wierd/funny/sad, we are talking the Mark Foley scandle. Both of those issues are great for Dems right now. We are winning on those issues right now. I think that liberals will win on Gay Marrage, but not for 10-20 years. We are winning on these other issues right now.

Don't change the subject.

UDATE: The ruling came down: equal rights for all. It give the NJ leg 180 days to act so it kicks the can down the road past the election. It has become just one more story in the news mix, like Rush being an ass Its not that I beleive that this fight should be won, I question if it can be won.


Laura said...

You're right, Craig, all the queers should wait for equal rights until after the democrats screw up this election all on their own.

Come on, do you really think that a court ruling in New Jersey is going to overshadow the last few years of corruption? That because suddenly a couple of dykes could possibly get married people are going to stop thinking about the senselessness of the Iraq war? Don't start scapegoating the gays until after the Dems lose the election.

larry said...


I don't know about New Jersey specifically (it has been many years since I lived there), but it is well known that there are people who will overlook the Iraq war, Katrina, the econcmy, the environment, and their own pocketbooks to vote for someone who they believe will ban (or keep the ban) of abortion and gay marriage.

Don't delude yourself into thinking that everyone is as logical as you are.

As for the Dems losing the election, see the previous post....