August 20, 2005

David Ignatius Ruins My Morning

So I read this crap from David Ignatius and it has pissed me off and totally ruined my relaxed Saturday morning vibe:

Rather than lead a responsible examination of America's strategy for Iraq, they (Democrats) have handed off the debate to a distraught mother who is grieving for her lost son. Rather than address the nation's long-term fiscal problems, they have decided to play politics and let President Bush squirm on the hook of his unpopular plan to create private Social Security accounts.

Sandy Sheehan is not setting the strategy for the Iraq war for anybody, let alone the Democratic Party. All she is doing is asking a single, unanswerable, devastating question: What is the "noble cause" that her son died for?

There is this guy called The President of United States. He started this war and right its his job to find a way to end it. Bush just loves being commander-in-Chief. Well, its a real job, not just a title. The democrats job as the oppostition is to point out everything that he is doing wrong. When the Democrat's create a "responsible examination" of the Iraq war (See Kerry Campaign, et al) they get their heads beat in being called pro-terrorist, anti-American, and anti-solder. So why should democrat's offer policies on Iraq that can be attacked and give Bush cover, when it is very clear to anyone with eyes that Bush will not take any outside ideas under consideration?

As far as Social Security goes, why should liberals save Bush from his own bad policies. Bush made private accounts the centerpiece of his domestic agenda. Liberals opposed that agenda. Liberals are winning. Why shouldn't "Bush squirm on the hook of his unpopular plan" The opposition is supposed to oppose. That's what they do. David Ignatius seems to think the oppositions job is to save the Administration from it own bad policies. That's not our job. We don't end policy debates. We win them.

More: Matthew Yglesias makes the point that the Dems have plenty of policy ideas if you just spent five seconds to find then. Up yours two times David Ignatius.

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