August 30, 2005

Hurricane Report

Craigorian Chant's New Orleans bureau chief and Senior Meteorologist Yanina has filed the following report live from the hurricane zone:

This is your New Orleans correspondent reporting in on Hurricane Katrina. To tell you the truth, I'm not in New Orleans at the moment, I'm in kentucky, heading towards some family members in Cincinnati. We were going to ride out the storm (we felt pretty safe in our apt. on the 7th flr) but I am so thankful that Mayor Ray Nagin made it mandatory to get the hell out, the first time a mayor has claimed authority to do this in metro New Orleans. And of course, since I have a vested interest, I've paid close attention to the news and photos of the city. Now although the doomsday scenario for New Orleans did not happen, there is still CATASTROPHIC damage to all of Southeastern Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama coastlines. Water is 12 ft. or higher in certain parts of New Orleans and nearly every building is sustaining anywhere from mild damage to total devastation. I am so nervous about my apartment and I have no idea when we will be allowed to go back into the city... likely no less than several days, possibly much longer. But I just thought you might want to know that I am OK... and desperately hoping that I have not lost all my possessions.

This is Yanina, reporting from Kentucky... out.

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