August 25, 2005

A Real Comment on Society

And now a word about the comments. I welcome comments and encourage all of my readers to put in their 2 cents and read what others have to say by clicking on comments. My thoughts are usually the best, but still some worthy things are written. That said,


I mean it. I have enough to deal with in my life without the Secret Service kicking my door in. Don't do that. Joking or not, do not do that.

In other comments news, WingNut has an interesting phenomenon in her comments section - Spam Comments. They look like real posts that say stuff like "That's an interesting post" and then link to a page trying to sell you something. Something for the Craigorian Chant Tech staff to look at. How did they do that? Do you think someone did it manually or could you do something like that with a bot?

UPDATE: Ack The spam-bots have struck this very post. Was it talk of comments that attracted then or was cause I linked to an infected blog? Unsafe linking leads to trouble.


larry said...

Since posting doesn't require a login of any time, it can almost certainly be done with a bot. The only way to limit them is either to require some sort of login or to manually approve all comments before they are posted. (I don't know if Blogger supports either of these two options.)

Anonymous said...

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Laura said...

Is it just coincidence that you mention spam posts and they immediately show up on your blog? Odd...

Anyway, I have to agree with you on the not talking about killing the president thing. I don't like George Bush, and I am counting down the days to a Bush-free White House, but assasination of a President is very bad for the country. Aside from that, assassinating the president puts him in a position to become a hero, or a martyr, and I don't think any of us want that. Let the idiot finish out his term and then Texas can have him back.

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