August 1, 2005

News and Views

Lots happening this day.

The King of Saudi Arabia is dead. The problem is under Saudi law the thrones passes to the king's eldest brother, not his son. So unlike say, Jordan, where there is a chance of at least getting some younger, fresher leadership. We replace one 80-something in failing health with a new 80-something in failing health. Fricking Kings.

Bush appointed Bolton As U.N. Ambassador without Senate approval, which he can do when the Senate is out of session. Congrates we now have a guy who hates the UN and is a jerk to boot, as our Ambassador to the UN. Wonderful.


Ryan said...

How pissed off should I be about this Bolton appointment. Is it true that he lied to congress? This power for the president to appoint someone during congressional recess isnt meant specifically for sidestepping congress is it? Im pissed.

Laura said...

I can't see this doing much for Bush's approval rating going up because of his strong arm guerilla tactics. So, on the upside...maybe will help in the alienation of the majority of the nation, so come next election the Republicans may be regretting supporting this administration as they see Republican support dwindling.

jess said...

my understanding is that the recess appt thing was put in place when congress was in session for a smaller percentage of the year. Back in the day when they had 2 months worth of business to attend to instead of 10. So no, it isn't there for sidestepping congress. It's there so if some important appointed person dies at the beginning of a long recess (which doesn't exist anymore), the prez can fill the opening.

Larry said...

Younger, fresher Shrub, Jr.?

Tyler said...

Because I was at the San Diego Convention Center all last week, I've missed out on posting. So here is a hodge podge of things I would have said if I had been around:

1. NASA engineers must be feeling an extreme amount of humiliation following 2 and a half years of preparation after the Columbia crash and then watching film of foam ripping off The Discovery's exterior...burn the the whole fleet!

2. I think there are too many blogs out there. And a large number of them don't have a real set focus. I'd prefer to help prop up this blog than create one of my own.

3. If you have a comment that's unrelated to the post you're commenting on. Make your own post. Chris and I do it all the time.

4. Those bicycle rik-shaw taxi's in down town San Diego are so god damned expensive that I'd rather walk than pay $16 for the novelty of getting carted 5 blocks

5. Yes Bush did kind of a sneaky thing by appointing Bolton while Congress was in recess, but politicians do all sorts of sneaky under-handed things for their own benefit.

Remember when Clinton did an 11th hour pseudo-pardon by significantly shortening the prison sentences of four members of the New Square Hasidic community, the support of which Hillary Clinton successfully courted during her Senate race?

Those four assholes bilked millions and millions of dollars from tax payers, but as long as his wife could get their support for her Senate bid, its ok. Meanwhile many black mothers in the inner city are serving 20 year prison terms for running a gram of cocaine.

Yeah that's fair and moral. Why not pardon some of them. Oh yeah, they can't do anything in return. Politics baby...