August 10, 2005

Just Some City Politics

You think you have trouble in your City's politics, let's check out Baghdad's:

Armed men entered Baghdad's municipal building during a blinding dust storm on Monday, deposed the city's mayor and installed a member of Iraq's most powerful Shiite militia.

The deposed mayor, Alaa al-Tamimi, who was not in his offices at the time, recounted the events in a telephone interview on Tuesday and called the move a municipal coup d'├ętat. He added that he had gone into hiding for fear of his life.

"This is the new Iraq," said Mr. Tamimi, a secular engineer with no party affiliation. "They use force to achieve their goal."

The group that ousted him insisted that it had the authority to assume control of Iraq's capital city and that Mr. Tamimi was in no danger. The man the group installed, Hussein al-Tahaan, is a member of the Badr Organization, the armed militia of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq, known as Sciri.

Now, US forces just let this happen? An armed Islamic militia just took over Baghdad and the US is OK with that? Just what are we going to end up with here?


jess said...

Come on craig, didn't you know? The iraqi police and military have it completely under control. They don't need us.

Laura said...

Look...the U.S. has more important things to worry about than what's going on in Iraq. Iran (known enemy and non-supporter of Iraq) has clearly been sending Iraq their weapons. Rumsfeld said so, that means it's true, doesn't it?