August 9, 2005

Worst. Pork. Ever.

A lot of pork isn't really wasteful spending, it's just Federal government goodies that aren't located in your Congressional District. Somebody has to get the military base and calling it pork just means that you're bitter that their congress critter is smarter than yours. Even things like 1.6 million for bike trails in New Jersey or a Transit Center in St. Paul, MN may not be fair, but lots of people do bike in New Jersey and ride transit in St. Paul.

Then we have The Bridge. A 223 million dollar bridge in Alaska to connect an off-shore island with 50 people living on it to the mainland. A quarter billion dollars to serve fifty people. Why don't we just buy each islander a million dollar yacht, it would be cheaper. Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure just happens to be from Alaska. Don Young is the grand master of pork. I salute him. But this is pork of the worst kind. It is total and complete waste of resources in an age where we don't have resources to waste. Shame on you, Don Young R-Alaska. Shame.

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