August 31, 2005


Poverty is increasing in this country. In fact it’s been going up every year of the Bush Presidency. Now I know we liberal communist types have often complained that Bush is picking on the poor and doing the least for the least-off among us, but now we have actual numerical proof:

Even with a robust economy that was adding jobs last year, the number of Americans who fell into poverty rose to 37 million -up 1.1 million from 2003- according to Census Bureau figures released Tuesday.

It marks the fourth straight increase in the government's annual poverty measure.

The Census Bureau also said household income remained flat, and that the number of people without health insurance edged up by about 800,000 to 45.8 million people.

What good is a “robust economy” if the number of people in poverty increase? Oh for the Clinton years. Big tide. All Boats. Lots of lifting.

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