August 17, 2005

Its a Gas

So how about the price of gas? Keeps going up. I thought that after the war oil would be free. Some guys on the radio were asking this question:

How expensive does gas have to get to change your lifestyle?

What will it take for someone to really change their life. Drive less, carpool, get a smaller car and so on. Three bucks? Four? Five?

What will it take, and how different will we be, when gas gets that expensive?


Laura said...

So far, it doesn't seem to be affecting anyone but me. I started school on Monday, and in addition to soaring gas prices there is virtually no parking on campus. The Los Rios Community College district offers free public transportation passes to all students, but is anyone taking the light rail? Not really. Americans aren't interested in public transportation. Aparantly we'll do anything to keep our cars.

Laura said...

hmmm...Let me ammend that. It doesn't seem to be affecting anyone who attends the same community college that I attend. They are all driving their cars in circles around the parking lots for hours hoping to find a place. Unfortunately for me, living an hour away and having a child to pick up from school, I'm limited by time, or else I'd be on light rail. It's cheaper and less stressful.

Wingnut said...

I think Laura hit the nail on the head. The problem is that everyone thinks of themselves in the same way she does: "unfortunately for me, I can't take transit because......".

I actually gawked at the gas prices last night. I don't keep too close of an eye on them since I actually drive very little. The bus is very convenient for me to get to and from work. Besides, I feel like a good little planner when I ride the bus.