November 25, 2005

Day After Thanksgiving Open Thread

M&M's: Danger to society or harmless treat?

Wal-Mart Bargins: Worth fighting over?

Does any other family put peas in the stuffing, or is that just my brother-in-laws family?

What is the difference between a sweet patatoh and a yam, anyway?



Larry said...

From that source of all knowledge, the Wikipedia:

The moist-fleshed, orange cultivars of sweet potato are occasionally referred to as "yams." One explanation of this confusion is that it started with African slaves brought over from the west coast of Africa. Africans brought to America took to calling American sweet potatoes Nyamis (a Senegalese word meaning "to eat"), which referred to the plant grown in Africa, but not seen in North America. The true yam, however, can grow up to 2 m (6 ft) in length (sometimes with knuckle-like ends), has a scaly skin, has a pinkish white center, and has a thick, almost oily feel to the tongue.

After the confusion started over 100 years ago, many farmers and stores began marketing American-grown sweet potatoes as yams; the name stuck. In more recent times there has been an effort to stop the use of "yam" for sweet potatoes, but this has only been partially successful. USDA branding regulations require the word "Yam" to be accompanied by the words "Sweet Potato" when referring to these moister sweet potatoes.

(Remember to always use grains of salt liberally when reading the Wikipedia).


Larry said...

Better peas in the stuffing than oysters.