November 14, 2005


I watched like 3 hours of Sunday political shows yesterday. Of course, I was always doing something else at the same time. Things like laundry or eating or whatever. So it was more like background noise for my Sunday. So really the only thing that I came away with is that the Queen of Jordan is just amazing beautiful. I mean wow. It's a real pity that her country has to be bombed by terrorists for her to pop up on my radar. But the important lesson here is that the Queen Rania of Jordon is really hot. By the way, does anyone know if there's a law against pointing out that the Queen is hot in Jordon? Am I now in danger of having something chopped off if I travel to Jordon?


Erin said...

I think you can tell the Jordanians that they have a very beautiful Queen. But I don't suggest you whistle at her or run around in the streets saying she's "hot" - that's a good way to get a beating. But to answer your question, no, you will not get something cut off.

Tyler said...

Jumping gee wilikers! She is f***ing hot! I bet you could lie her down naked on beach and make glass.

That gives me an idea. I'm going to marry someone as hot as she is. Now I just have to work on my game.