November 15, 2005

Fun With Numbers

In the latest bad poll numbers for Bush from Gallup there is this little gem:

People polled rated Bill Clinton as more honest than George W. Bush by a margin of 48%-36%. Clinton beats Bush by 12% in honesty. Honesty is the central selling point of the whole Bush presidency. "Ya he's dumb, but at least he's honest." "Ya his policies are bad, but at least he's honest." "The war has gone badly, but at least he's honest." Take away his honesty and he's got nothing.

I'm of the rather firm belief that the longer we have to look Bush in action the worse he looks. Three more years of this stuff. This weeks is another trip abroad for Bush and everybody just hopes he doesn't do any more damage. That the watch-word for the next three years. "No more damage."

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