November 10, 2005

Quote of the Day

Don Imus: Now why don't you just answer my question. Would you like [President Bush] to come to Arizona and cut some campaign commercials for you and run them on all those TV stations in Phoenix and Tucson and Flagstaff and Prescott, and all?

Rep. J.D. Hayworth : In a word, no. Not at this time.

Thanks to Slate.

The President is becoming ratioactive. Touch him and you become a former-Congressman. Bush can now threaten to come visit you in your district if you don't vote for his bill.

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jess said...

StripperGate update:
Remember the two councilmen who were convicted of conspiracy, etc. with regard to no-touch rules here in sd? Well, yesterday, the judge threw out 7 or 9 of the convictions for Zucchet and gave him a new trial for the other two. If he does turn out to be innocent, I can't help feeling bad for the guy. He had to resign and then spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal bills. But Inzunza, the other one, was sentenced to 21 months.
Things really are quieting down around here. Looks like we're actually going to have a real mayor. And no current city-council people are under indictment, or even investigation. Boring ...