November 9, 2005

More! More!

Kwame Kilpatrick, the self declared "Hip-Hop" Mayor of Detroit got re-elected, despite a scandal-wrecked first term that included getting his family a luxury's SUV on the City's dime.

The Democratic Mayor of St. Paul, who endorsed Bush in the 2004 election, got beat 2-1 by a Democrat who, well, didn't.

El Dorado Hills voted against becoming a city, which is a huge surprise. Locals almost always want more control of their issues. I wonder what was the argument was to oppose cityhood.

The entire pro-intelligent design school board was dumped in favor of a pro-evolution slate.

And finally proving that a lot of politics is just showing up, both LINESVILLE, Pa. and HILLSDALE, Mich. have new 18 year-old Mayors. Remeber, we are all ruled by people who said "What the hell, let's run for Mayor."

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Tyler said...

Of course Kilpatrick got re-elected, despite scandal. That shouldn't be a surprise! Detriot is the most criminal city in the country!

But I'm proud to say, St. Louis is gaining on them! Were even more criminal per capita!