November 9, 2005

Result Oriented

The votes are in and there are certainly some results here. Every single California ballot measure lost. Most by huge margins. The redistricting measure, which I considered the only worthwhile measure in the whole bunch is losing 60%-40%. All of the Arnold - backed initives have gone down, which doesn't speak well to the prospects for the Govinator. I get the feeling that the space-time rift that has led to an Bodybuilder/Bad actor to be in charge of our State will soon close.

Democrats won governor races in both Virginia and New Jersey and the pundits are taking this as a sign the GOP is in trouble. I, of course, agree.

The surf chick story does not have a have a happy ending. Donna Fry lost 46%-54% to a former Police Chief in her race for the Mayor of San Diego. All I can say is:


In local news, measure I received an overwhelming no vote, mainly on the strength of a last minute Craigorian Chant endorsement.


Larry said...

Yes, too bad about San Diego. They really needed a shake-up there, and instead they voted for more of the same.

Let's hope the voters send Arnie back to Hollywood a year from now. And, hopefully, he won't be back.

jess said...

Well, of the 9 or so candidates in the original primary, I did consider Sanders to be second best to my beloved donna.

The general consensus around here is that the final nail in her coffin was when she suggested a tax increase ... outloud.

Sanders, on the other hand, wants to "streamline." He's said that if the city unions won't accept huge pay and benefit cuts, he'll lay off 10% of city employees accross the board. We're all expecting decreases in police officers, fire fighters, pot hole fixers, librarians, park mainenence, etc. Personally, I'd take the quarter or half point sales tax increase.

The best news of the situation is that donna is still on city council. She kicks ass there and I'm assuming she will continue to do so. There were some promising results from the primaries of the two city council races this week. With some luck, we'll get some good shake up of the council in december.