November 23, 2005

Mixed Message

Wait, I thought the official company line from the Bush administration was "No Retreat, No Surrender" How is it that now the Pentagon is talking about pulling troops out:

Barring any major surprises in Iraq, the Pentagon tentatively plans to reduce the number of U.S. forces there early next year by as many as three combat brigades, from 18 now, but to keep at least one brigade "on call" in Kuwait in case more troops are needed quickly, several senior military officers said.

Pentagon authorities also have set a series of "decision points" during 2006 to consider further force cuts that, under a "moderately optimistic" scenario, would drop the total number of troops from more than 150,000 now to fewer than 100,000, including 10 combat brigades, by the end of the year, the officers said.

Constant violence and massive car bombs in Iraq don't surprise us any more, so really there will be no "surprises" in Iraq to stop this. The real trick for the Bush-backers will be to call the actual withdrawal "heroic" while still bashing everyone who called for a withdrawal "cowardly."

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