July 20, 2006

Bill Kristol is a Lunatic

And yet for some reason, he continues to be an influenual voice in American political life. But he's crazy.


Erin said...

I think the last time our military was welcomed with flowers and candy was when we liberated Holland in WWII.

When was the last time someone thanked us for toppling their government?

On the other hand, if someone decides to liberate us from our current govt., I may bring them M&M's.

~erin in denmark

Tyler said...

Can someone tell me which group of Muslims are the "bad" ones? The Shi'ites or Sunnis?

The Shi'ites took our people hostage in Iran back 79, but wasn't it Sunni Muslims that flew 737s into the World Trade Center?

Which ones are at war with Israel now? Is Hezbollah mostly Shi'ite or Sunni?

Which ones would we prefer to have in power in Iraq and the Middle East in general?

Also, how long have you been in Denmark Erin? Shouldn't you be finished by now? You're not going to be like Chris and take 7 years to get a Ph.D. that should have taken you 5 years are you?

And Laura, what gives? Shouldn't you be expressing your opinion more often?

I hope I riled everyone up. I'm siting at a wi-fi deli here in STL because a storm came through yesterday and knocked power out (and numerous trees)--which won't be restored until at the earliest Saturday night. Its 102 here with 97% humidity. Good times.

Discuss amongst yourselves...

Laura said...

I thought pretty hard about whether I had any opinion here and whether or not there was any way to take offense at what Tyler posted. Because it's been entirely too long since I've taken a few swipes at Tyler, but alas the situation in the middle east has me throwing my hands up in disgust and despair because absolutely none of it makes sense to me.

I will say this, though. There is only one type of "bad" Muslim and I don't think they're broken down into specific groups like such as the Sunnis or the Shi'ites. The "bad" Muslim is much the like the "bad" Christian whose religious fanatacism will only allow them to believe that there way is right. Religion is a scary, scary thing and too much religion does something frightening to people's minds.

Erin said...

Tyler, if you want to rile people up, you are going to have to try much harder.

I've been in Denmark for a year, I'm starting my 6th year of graduate school, but the first 4 years are spent taking classes and doing exams and then you write your Ph.D. So I've only been working on it for one year and I am expected to finish this year.

However, on average, a Ph.D. in archaeology takes 8 years. If I manage to finish by June I will graduate with a bunch of other PhD students who started grad school 3-4 years before I did.

So I'm ahead of the game, silly boy.

Shi'ites and Sunnis aren't the problem, fundamentalists are, it's like saying that since the IRA is Catholic, all Catholics are bad. (Shi'ite and Sunni are names of various divisions in Islam, like Protestant and Catholic. They get along about as well too.) But if you want the name of the fundamentalist Islam branch that seems to breed the most extremists, that would be Wahabi or Wahhabi -ism. It's the main islamic sect of Saudia Arabia and the brand of Islam that Bin Laden promotes.

Hezbollah is Shi'ite, as is the ruling party of Iran. Iraq was run by the Sunni minority and most Palestinians are Sunni. Since most of the terrorists in the 9/11 plot were Saudis and connected to Bin Laden, they were also Wahabis. Why Hezbollah will support Hamas while Shi'ites and Sunnis are killing each other in Iraq is because the enemy of my enemy is my friend and neither of them like Israel.

You know who I'd like to see in power in the middle east? Pacifists. And maybe some environmentalists to intelligently manage this oil nonsense. Maybe King Abdullah of Jordan, he's pretty moderate as well as seriously trying to modernize his country. Yeah, lets just make him king of the middle east.

-erin in denmark

jess said...

Wahabis are sunnis by the way.

And erin's absolutely right. As I was reading tyler's post I was thinking that it's analogous to catholics/protestants. Crazies are on both sides.

And don't be knocking slow graduate students. My masters' degree is going to take me three and a half years.