July 14, 2006

Everything Is Connected

I'm getting the feeling that things are just spinning out of control out there in the world. We now have a full blown crisis in the Middle East, with Israel bombing Gaza and Lebanon. We have showdowns brewing with Iran over nukes and North Korea over missiles (and nukes!) India was just the victim of a massive terrorist attack and is accusing Pakistan of being involved. Not to mention Iraq. Not to mention Afghanistan. All these crisis feed into each other. Iran has ties to Hamas and Hezbollah, both groups are in a shooting war with Israel. We need Pakistani help with Afghanistan and so on. This number of problems would strain even the best foreign policy team, but this isn't the best team, is it?

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Erin said...

And here's to being disconnected: I just spent the last 4 weeks in Israel and in regards to invasions and bombings the feeling is, "Dude, that's like 200 kms away! Pass me the shnitzel." You are aware that all this shit is happening, but since it's not happening right outside your door, you keep right on doing what you were doing before you turned on CNN. It is a complete are total disconnect to reality.