July 13, 2006

Da Race is On.

New poll out for California Races. Phil Angelides, fresh off his Primary, win has a narrow lead of 46% to 44% over the Big A. Most polls I've seen as of late show Arnold with a (slight) lead. Stay tuned.

The other major race in California is not a race. Dianne Feinstein, the Democratic incumbant Senitor is crushing her unfortainly named challeger, Dick Mountjoy, 60% to 33%. Despite Larry's nashing of teeth over her support for the Flag Burning Ammendment, she is cruising to reelection.

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larry said...

Feinstein's lead is not surprising. I suspect most Californians, like me, couldn't even read through the second paragraph of Mountjoy's web site commentary "Will the greatest experiment survive?" without puking.

[Note to Mountjoy: Experiments sometimes fail. A good scientist picks up the pieces and moves on, rather than running the same experiment over and over again for thousands of years.]

The problem with our current political environment is that we are generally faced with a choice between a marginal candidate (like Feinstein, generally a Democrat) and a horrible candidate (like Mountjoy, generally a Republican). Progressive candidates don't get any visibility at all, thanks to the press and the two-party duopoly. (Happened again here recently in Massachusetts where the progressive candidate was barred from participating in the pre-primary gubernatorial debate on TV by rules dreamed up by and enforced by the two major parties.)

Until these two problems are fixed (along with Republican vote-rigging), going to the polls is an unpleasant chore. And an unproductive one.