July 27, 2006


Remember Florida 2000? Its going to become one of those American history turning points. Noted popular historians in 2050 are going to write best-selling 500-pagers on how all the disasters of the early 21st century can be traced back to the Florida Vote Recount.

Which brings us to Katherine Harris, the Florida secretary of State/Bush-Cheney campaign chair who did so much to help Bush "win" Florida. You remember, the one with too much make-up. Well, after spending the last few years as a US Congresswomen from a safe Republican seat, she's trying to move up to US Senate. And she's getting crushed in the polls. Her campaign is turning into a national embarrassment. Her entire campaign staff has quit. Twice. She is becoming a National Laughingstock.

So some small measure of justice has been served.

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