July 11, 2006


Your fun fact of the day: President Bush has not vetoed a single piece of legislation sense he took office.

He just issued a new veto threat, against Stem Cell research.

For why its silly to oppose Stem Cell research, please see Michael Kinsley.


Anonymous said...

Isn't the reason why he hasn't vetoed anything because he adds a signing statement that can contradict the bill itself? (Kinda like inserting a loophole so he can still do anything he wants).

larry said...

Yes, exactly. Using the signing statement (where exactly is that in the Constitution?) gets around the inconvenient fact that Congress can theoretically override a veto. Congress can apparently do nothing about signing statements, assuming it even knows when they exist.

In any other country, a ruler who puts himself above the law is called a dictator. Here he is called a compassionate conservative.