July 6, 2006

World Cup Update

First of all check out this pitch perfect montage clip from the Beeb. Via Andrew Sullivan. It perfectly sums up the trials of England this year. All set to a killer track from the Pet Shop Boys. Did you know they were still around?

Which brings us to the finals. Italy verse France. Interestingly enough, both teams wear blue uniforms (or "kits" for our English readers) The French team is know as Les Bleus (The Blues) The Italians are know as the Azzurri. Which means... The Blues.

I'm going with the Italians. First, their shade of blue is better. A darker, Navy Blue. Also, Italy is the official homeland of Craigorian Chant. I'm just going to have to forgive them the whole drama queen thing. Plus, Italy was the one great game that the US played the whole tournament, if they win it all its a big help in the moral victory department.

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