July 12, 2006


The National Journal has a list of everything that the members of the White House Staff make. Just in case your wondering, being lord of all evil makes Karl Rove $165,200 a year. Thinkprogress notes that the WH has two "Ethics Advisors" that seem rather overpaid by making over 100 grand a year each. Not to mention the White House Fact Checker, a waste of $46,500 Also, its interesting to note that people at the bottom make $30,000. I'm at the bottom rung of a County Planning staff and I make more than that. I'm pretty sure you pay a price in salary to get "White House" on you resume. In fact, I make a little more than the "Deputy Associate Director for Invitations & Correspondence" makes. But you can't beat that title.


larry said...

Nothing we have here comes close to "Keeper of the Privy Purse."

(That's the person in charge of the British monarch's personal wealth.)

Tyler said...

Was that called the Exchequer in medieval England? They were responsible for the management and collection of the royal revenues of the King of England if I'm not mistaken. I think the title still exist today.

That was always my favorite government post of all time, just for the name. Maybe it has to do with all those History International programs I watched about Medieval europe where they mentioned the "Exchequer." Go ahead, say "Exchequer" in a British accent, it'll make your day a little better.